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“We love IT” – for IT service provider S&T, that’s not just a slogan, it’s a promise to provide top-notch, dedicated IT services. In light of the company’s growth, that continues to be a challenge: Integrating new companies and divisions requires a high level of flexibility to consolidate and standardize the company- wide IT landscape. To help with this, those responsible at S&T evaluated the market for professional IT service management (ITSM) solutions. Their goal was to establish an ITSM competency center on the basis of an ITIL®-compliant customer-service portal. Because of its functional scope, adaptability and substantial capacity to be integrated, the software USU IT Service Management was selected along with USU as an expert partner.


We were able to realize our vision for a company-wide, customer-specific portal for all service management processes only through USU‘s flexibility. In cooperation with USU, we are develo- ping USU IT Service Management further to meet our customers’ requirements, and we are also marketing the USU solution as an OEM and implementation partner.

Hannes Föttinger, Head of Business Unit ITSM & Business Efficiency, S&T AG

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About S&T

With roughly 4,800 people in over 25 countries, S&T AG is a leading IT service and solutions provider in central and eastern Europe. The company’s services range from data-center operations, workplace management, procurement and integration and maintenance of IT products to SAP operations and software implementation and development. Since 2017, the company has received support from USU to achieve its IT and enterprise service vision.


S&T wanted to establish an IT and enterprise service management competency center in the DACH region and therefore needed a proven centralized application. Individual customer processes and the desire to implement the solution for additional service management areas called for a refined multiclient concept as well as highly adaptable software that has a substantial capacity to be integrated.

Why USU?

USU IT Service Management provides professional support for all ITIL® processes. In addition, S&T has the option of using the solution flexibly as a developer platform for additional modules and deployment scenarios, thereby meeting specific requirements. USU has won over S&T not only with its technology, but also with its high level of customer service and extensive consulting expertise.

Project milestones

  • Tool evaluation followed by proof of concept in only three weeks
  • Successive implementation of ITSM disciplines, starting with incident, problem and change management and implementation of a service shop
  • Development and adaptation of many interfaces to various GUI source systems
  • Knowledge transfer for in-house, independent S&T-specific extensions or development of new modules


  • The central, multiclient solution USU IT Service Management forms the basis of S&T’s customer-oriented service portfolio.
  • The USU solution enables scalable growth, reduces complexity and creates transparency.
  • Automation of service processes and standardized data storage cut process costs.
  • USU‘s substantial flexibility and adaptability permit broader, needs- based deployment for optimizing IT and enterprise service processes.

USU IT Service Management as central hub in the service network

S&T has had a complex, heterogeneously distributed infrastructure as well as a large number of customers and clients, including many that employ highly individualized processes. For this reason, a uniform overall system would assume central control of service processes, and USU IT Service Management would be linked to a series of source systems for ticketing and monitoring.

It took no time for initial processes such as incident, problem and change management as well as a company-wide shop system to go live. During the implementation phase, USU experts carried out extensive product coaching with S&T specialists, so the S&T team could very quickly carry out changes and extensions themselves. One result of these efforts included a löschen partner portal for the S&T subsidiary Kontron based on USU IT Service Management that also linked CRM data (Microsoft CRM) and CRM processes with the solution. This made it possible to also map additional processes for enterprise service management at S&T customers. Analytics & Process Optimization, a solution component of USU IT Service Management, manages and optimizes the complete service value chain.

In-house development of new modules

Today, S&T is not only a USU customer, but also a sales, consulting and development partner. After all, the software deployment scenarios were continuously extended on the basis of USU IT Service Management – especially for enterprise service management. In addition to ordinary integration projects, modules were also newly or further developed, including an overdraft manager for supervising service employees and a mobile field service app. Both internal and external S&T customers benefit from using individual service modules for transparent, secure IT operations with efficient, automated processes.

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