Active transfer of knowledge @ MADSACK

Digitalization has permanently changed the media landscape in recent years. Restructuring, cooperation and mergers with digital providers like advertising agents and online platforms are the order of the day. This is opening up the market to infrastructure providers and distributors. In light of these developments, the nationwide media group MADSACK decided that a reorganization was called for. The group includes 15 daily newspapers, more than 30 advertising papers, as well as postal service providers and full-service agencies.

In 2014, Madsack Market Solutions GmbH was founded for the centralization of non-regional activities. The main aims were greater transparency, the realization of synergy effects and the optimization of largely automated processes. The customer service department opted to implement knowledge management in order to provide high-quality, cost-efficient support to the group's 800,000 subscribers from three service centers. USU's knowledge database, Knowledge Center, was introduced with the aim of ensuring the quick and uniform provision of the relevant information on an individual and quality-assured basis. This required an elaborate user concept with different interfaces for the individual publishers, connected information sources and document processing. The successful implementation focused on the use of "ACTIVE" technologies, in which intelligent assistance systems provide the service agents with effective support in their knowledge-intensive daily work. This led to the MADSACK Media Group receiving the Knowledge Award 2016 at the USU World user and trade conference.

We are delighted to have won this award. The ACTIVE documents were a key factor for us when it came to selecting a knowledge management solutions. This was one of the main reasons we opted for USU's Knowledge Center. More than 60% of all documents in our knowledge database are now ACTIVE documents – allowing us to achieve substantial efficiency gains.

Tanja Bertram,
B2C Marketing Sales Manager


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