Architecture for Agile and Efficient IT

Founded in 1926, SDK Versicherungsgruppe is now made up of three companies: Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung, Süddeutsche Lebensversicherung and Süddeutsche Allgemeinen Versicherung. With over 600,000 people insured, SDK is now one of the 15 largest private health insurers in Germany.

Rising demands for optimal support in the business processes of SDK using agile and flexible IT led to considerations about the type of technologies and standards that SDK Versicherungsgruppe should align with in the future. Those responsible chose to modernize information technology and develop a consistent development platform. The target scenario was designed to replace the application landscape of SDK, which is primarily made up of COBOL-based solutions. In particular, the reduction of development, maintenance and operation efforts was expected to create more room for more projects. Based on its proven experience in the introduction of new company technologies and its IT architecture expertise, USU was given the task of accompanying the planning and implementation of the “SDK IT Architecture 2020” project as an expert partner following an extensive market evaluation.

After the successful implementation of the first key project phase, SDK now has a modern, flexible and sustainable development platform that is easy to use and with which the SDK development team is now able to produce customized high-quality applications in the future. As a result, the basis for the modernization process was created as old technologies were supplemented by new widely established standards. The basic framework offers maximum flexibility and allows for the integration of monolithic applications and the use of service-oriented solutions or the inclusion of third-party systems. Other project milestones also include the integration of process management.

In addition to IT architecture expertise, we consider USU’s experience in the introduction of new technologies at companies to be of the highest value.

Reinhard Fischer,
Head of IT


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